Here is a list of products that you can source from World Peace International (South Asia) Pte Ltd conveniently.

Line Card

Industrial System (Authorized Distributor in South East Asia & India)
Industrial PCs are manufactured primarily for process control and/or data acquisition in markets like transportation, communications and energy. Available in a wide range of robust design based on the latest processor technology, industrial PCs are scalable in its performance, connectivity and size to fit user requirements and customizable in different configurations. Industrial PCs offer 24/7 operational reliability, compatibility, expansion options and long-term supply.

Server/Micro Server (Authorized Distributor in South East Asia & India)
The right solution for lightweight, scale-out workloads! As an emerging from factor of servers, Microservers are lightweight, scale out workloads for hyper-scale data centers. With high-density and energy-efficient design, the infrastructure of microservers are shared by 10s or 100s of physical server nodes. This help to eliminate space and power consumption demands of duplicates. Microservers are typically suited for static web page serving, entry dedicated hosting, and basic content delivery, among others.

Intel Classmate PC
Intel-powered convertible classmate PCs are an exciting, cost-effective education solution designed by Intel to meet the needs of 21st century teacher and students. Affordable, rugged, full-featured notebooks, instantly convert from clamshell to touch-optimized tablet mode for interactive, collaborative learning.

We provide processors that deliver superb computing power, performance, and reliability at home and at work.

Get genuine quality, reliability and support with the full spectrum of Motherboards we offer.

All-in-One (AIO) PC
All-in-one PCs provide the simplicity you want without the need of a separate case and display. AIO PCs combine the monitor and tower into one stylish package, reducing cable clutter and delivering a cumber-free way to share photos and video, browse the web or watch your favorite movies in full HD.

Hard Disk Drive
We offer a complete portfolio of high performance hard disk drives to suit today's capacity demands and performance intensive applications.

Server System
Our Server Systems are designed to provide uninterrupted services to help meet all your needs.

Modular Server
Simple, reliable, expandable and easy-to-use, our modular servers provide exceptional value you need to get the job done.

Solid State Drive
Ultra fast access time, light-weight and power saving, our solid state drives help servers, storage, workstations and laptops last longer.

Our mini i-TX chassis are designed and validated for easy, cost-effective integration.

Mini PC
Offering power and performance of a desktop PC in the palm of your hand. A small form factor computer for the home, office, gaming or college. Proof that great things do come in little packages! Small computers - less space - all the performance!

DEAM Series (available in Indonesia only)
Deam Series of Memory Modules, USB Flash Drives and Storage Solutions provide you the smarter choice. Major brand IC, tested 3x, lifetime warranty, compatibility and stability assurance, easy to get!

AVerMedia (available in Thailand only)
AVerMedia products provide enriching entertainment experiences and promoting effective communication among people by adopting advanced technology incorporated with concepts of environmental protection, ergonomics and user's behavior.

MSI Notebook (available in Thailand only)
MSI offers a number of notebook options for consumers in the market for a laptop. Gaming, ultra-slim, classic and laptop options exist to cater to users' needs in this industry. MSI's choices and reputation make it a great choice for users to consider their notebook offerings.